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Ucaller Extreme


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• Animal caller with sounds recorded onto changeable sound cards.
• Sounds are easily selected using the C1, C2, C3 and C4 buttons.
• The sounds cards simply slide in and out of the side of the unit.
• The caller has a small built in speaker which is ok for high pitch sounds.
• Supplied with a weatherproof external speaker for extreme volume.
• Supplied with 2 cards with 4 sounds on each card. (UCARD1) Dog fox, Vixen, Rabbit, Hare. (UCARD2) Magpie, Magpie chatter,
Crow and Hooded Crow.

Other cards available are:
1. (UCARD3) Predator 2.Distress Call, Hare 2, Cotton Tail and Fox Cub.

2. (UCARD4) Duck Card.Mallard, Wigeon, Pintail and Teal.

3. (UCARD5) Goose Card.Canada, Greylag, Pinkfoot and feeding geese.

4. (UCARD6) Deer Card.Fallow Stag, Red Stag, Roe Deer and Sika.

External Speaker SPK1
• Weatherproof and robust
• Up to a . mile calling distance
• 3mtr of cable

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