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Jack Pyke Binoculars Harness


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The Jack Pyke Binoculars Harness is a handy accessory allowing for comfortable carry of a pair of binoculars. It is easily adjustable thanks to four slide adjusters and will fit most body types. Connect your binoculars to both connecting rings and attach them to the harness using quick release clips. This simple, but effective harness allows for a quick reach of the binoculars and the elastic straps allow for quick adjustment. When not in use they will hang attached to the straps leaving your hands free.

Over shoulder design

25mm elastic straps

Full grain leather connecting patch

Four slide adjusters

Two quick release clips

Two connecting rings

Material: Elastic

Shipping:United Kingdom and Europe only

Free shipping available when subtotal is over £60.00!

For all International parcels, customers will be liable to pay a customs charge upon item arrival in designated country. This is usually around 2% of the item value, however varies within each country. Please get in touch for more information.

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